Landscape Images Featured on Compass North’s Latest Album!

I just received Compass North’s latest album entitled, “This is Living.” The album features two of my landscape photographs. The first is entitled, “He is Coming” and the second “Light Struggling to Overwhelm the Darkness.” These guys rock and their new album is absolutely amazing. You can sample a bit of their music here.
Compass North - This is Living
An excerpt from the inside jacket of their album reads, “We do not find our identity in this band or our sole purpose in selling records. We have all been gifted in many ways, but none of them are important when used for personal gain alone. Therefore, we must each live with the question: if our lives end tomorrow, who will be affected? We believe in dreaming for better days. We believe in faith. We believe in hope. We believe in love. There is a difference between living and simply existing. Please join us because… This is Living.