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Your Senior Portrait Package:
We offer one of the most value packed senior portrait packages in the Puget Sound area. Learn more about our all-inclusive senior portrait package here. Your package includes (48) wallet sized prints, (2) 8x10 prints and a beautiful, three leaf folio containing nine of your favorites images. Our folios include (8) 4x5 prints and an additional 8x10 print (centered in the folio). After viewing your images online, please select the ones you wish to have printed. Please allow up to ten days for your order to prepared and processed.

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Choosing Your Images:
Each image has a unique name. Please enter the name of the images you wish to have included in your folio and to have printed (two 8x10 images are included in your package as loose photographs). The name of each image is located directly under the image thumbnail in your proofing gallery and should look similar to "smith-056" or "anderson-342".

The most convenient way to complete this next section is to have your senior portrait proofs open into another window. This will allow you to see your images as you complete your order. You can access your proofs here. Be sure to enter your password in the passcode box on the page to access your proofs.

Paxton Portraits - Nine Image Folio

4x5 Folio Prints:
Please choose eight vertical (oriented up and down) images for your folio. These images
will be inserted into the left and right pages of your folio.

We insert the 4x5 images you choose into the right or left side of your folio based on what we believe looks best.

8x10 Folio Print:
Please choose one 8x10 image for your folio.
This image will be inserted into the center leaf of your folio.

2.50x3.50 Wallet Prints:
Please choose up to six images for your wallet prints (we produce eight wallets per image).
You are welcome to use the same image repeatedly if you wish.

8x10 Loose Prints:
Please choose two images to be printed.

Do You Need Graduation Announcements?
One of the benefits of purchasing the high resolution images is that you can order personalized graduation announcements and invitations online for a fraction of what many schools charge. We recommend ordering your graduation announcements through Mpix, Shutterfly or Herff Jones. It's as simple as picking your favorite template, uploading your favorite images, personalizing the announcement and submitting your order!

Purchasing the High Resolution Digital Images:
Your package comes with an email friendly version of the images; however you can purchase the high resolution images and a copyright release (authorizing you to print them) for an additional $109.10 (tax included). The images will be available as a digital download. If you would like to purchase the high resolution images, you can make payment securely online (here) or bring cash or a check with you when you pickup your senior portrait package.

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Sending Your Order:
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Important Note: A copy of your order will automatically be sent to you via email. We will also send a second confirmation email so that you know that we've received your order. Please contact us if you don't receive this confirmation within 24 hours (425-343-4201). Thanks!

Ordering an Additional Folio:
Some of our clients are interested in ordering more than one folio. Additional folios are $100 each and can be ordered here (link opens into a new page).